About Us

Born in 2014, RAN Technology Bangladesh has ensuring the delivery of high quality fire detection & protection system, automation and power products at the doorstep of the entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. And RAN Technology Bangladesh was registered as partnership firm on Dec 27, 2015 vides registration number P-38364/2015 under the Partnership Act. IX of 1932, GoB.


The main strength of our company (RAN Technology Bangladesh) is our people. We have a large number of qualified and experienced Engineers in our team, Our Engineer got hands on practical experience in different industries, includes but not limited to multinational Oil & Gas Industries, Textile/Cotton Mills and Cement factory and power generation. Certified in installation and maintenance on Ex equipment's in Hazardous area, Offshore and Marine Installation. We are capable to design and manufacture of the control system using modern PLC & Inverter based as per your requirements. We can also support you to replace obsolete or old control systems integrating various engineering products from our world renowned manufacture. We can guide you to replace the old and obsolete instruments, sensors and control components by new models. We keep ourselves updated with latest technological developments.


Why RAN Technology Bangladesh

We are Engineer. We know the cause and effect and consequences of doing wrong. So we could not play with your trust. We do not say that we can do everything you need. But we can support and source as per your need.

There are many companies doing similar business in Bangladesh, but if there is a question of safety, quality & workmanship, there is doubt what percentage of those companies got that capability.



RAN Technology Bangladesh