We works with Fire protection systems include fire suppression, sprinklers, smoke detectors, heat detectors, gas detectors and other fire protection equipment that works in tandem to protect against fire. RAN Tech one of the fire protection equipment supply, installation and commissioning company that understands the needs of your property and provides a variety of integrated protection systems.


A fire protection system is a vital factor for a structure's safety plan, regardless of whether it's a commercial facility, hospital or educational facility. Without a fire protection system, the lives of those who are inside the building are placed at a high risk in the event an emergency. That’s why passive fire protection systems have been designed to help protect the building and its occupants during a fire


Fire protection systems are considered either active or passive. Both passive and active fire protection systems are necessary to keep you and your properties safe. RAN engineers expertise in the design, installation, inspection, and repair of three main types of active fire protection systems, fire detection systems, fire suppression systems and fire sprinkler systems.