Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

 Addressable FAS can be single or 32 loops  network configurations.  This system  is designed  for all applications  with advantages of easy installation,  fast and precise detection  and simple maintenance.


  • Each loop can connect more than 250 addressable devices.
  • Maximum networkings are 32 loops and total addressable points are 8000.
  • Loop device can be set up to be temporarily isolated.
  • Individual loop module test feature to save time on panel test.
  • On-board Self-test feature for simulating alarm output.
  • Easy system programming through PC to panel.






Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Model range from 1 to 32 zones.


AC power supply has EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).


Each zone has a separate disable function.


Double sets of sounder  contacts.


Microprocessor-base design.


Sounder short circuit or disconnection  detection.


Fire Relay Output contacts and Fault Relay Output contacts.


Switch membrane provides longer service and is waterproof, dust resistant and easy to clean.








Smoke Detector (Addressable/Conventional)

  •  Address coding by dip switch makes the job easier.
  • Magnetic test feature makes maintenance easy and simple.
  • Detector has passed strict EMC test, which greatly eliminates false alarms caused by interference from nearby sources.
  • Contacts material is highly acid-resistant and rust-resistant.




Heat Detector (Addressable/Conventional)

  • Magnetic test feature makes maintenance easy and simple.
  • Address coding by dip switch makes the job easier.
  • Twin-color LED display enables viewer to easily identify the current status of detector.
  • Detector is made of high endurance, solid and colorfast Fire-proof plastic.




Manual Call Point/Pull Station (Addressable/Conventional)

  •  Available in flush or surface mounted models.
  •  Plastic film on glass.
  • Test key inserted from bottom.
  • Suitable for the majority of conventional & Addressable fire alarm system.
  • Clear protection cover is also available (optional).
  • Choice of red, yellow, blue or green finish.





This electronic sounder is use with fire alarm systems, security systems and industrial signaling systems. Combined sounder and beacon provides an audio-visual warning which is suitable for places where high sound output and visual indication is required.


·         32 signal tones selectable by Dip switch.


·         High sound output with low current consumption.


·         High efficiency lens for maximum light output.


·         Volume Control as standard.

·         Two sets of IN and OUT terminals, easy for installation






 RAN always Import pump from an established well reputed manufacturer of Premium Custom Engine Driven Centrifugal Fire Pump Skids. Our Principle is specialized in designing and developing packages in compliance to NFPA 20 requirements with Listed & Approved Drivers.

We offers listed Centrifugal Fire Pump Skids that meet every fire protection need.

  ·   Driven by Listed & Approved Diesel Engines or Electric Motors.

    ·         Well aligned and Coupled for Direct Operation.

  ·  Skid Packages are Pre-Tested and Inspected thoroughly before release to customers.

     ·         One piece base plate with Anchor Bolt holes.

     ·         Engineered, coated, hot rolled mild steel to resist corrosion and abrasion.

     ·         Heavy Fabricated C-Channel Structure constructed to provide proper alignment of Pump with Diesel Engine or Pump with Motor.

     ·         Compact skid Design with Small Foot-Print for Retrofit

      ·    High standard of Quality in material Construction finish and Workmanship.    

      ·     Range up to 1500 GPM







RAN offer world class high quality listed and approved firefighting extinguishers and protection accessories in your door step.