An early streamer emission air terminal is based on the electric characteristics of lightning formation. Lightning begins with a down-conductor which spreads in any direction. Once it approaches the objects on the ground, any of them can be struck. The objective of an external lightning protection system is to control the lightning strike point and provide the lightning current with a path to earth avoiding damage to the structure.


The main feature of Early Streamer Emission (ESE) air terminals is the generation of the continuous upward leader before any other object within its protected area. Time Difference expressed in microseconds between the emission time of an early streamer emission air terminal and a simple rod air terminal measured in a laboratory under the conditions defined in the reference NF C 17-102 standard. This advance time determines the protection radius of each air terminal. If the triggering occurs earlier, then the distance at which the downward leader is intercepted increases, thus avoiding a lightning strike in a wider area.

We use world class and certified ABB ESEAT lightning product for lightning protection system, ABB OPR radius of protection table--




This counter connected in series to a lightning down conductor, records each passage of a lightning current between 0.15 kA and 100 kA.

  • Counting capacity: 999 then return to 000
  • Complies with applicable EMC directive
  • Complies with standard NF EN IEC 62561-6.