BUSBAR TRUNKING SYSTEM (BBT) performs the function of transporting current form one point to the other. Traditionally cables were used for this function BBT goes beyond what cables do. BBT can tap off power to switchgear for further distribution using tap of boxes. In comparison to cables, BBT can thus serve as distribution panels at different stages (at floors of a building). BBT thus continues as a single system to replace cables as well as distribution boards at floor level for building (commercial or industrial).

  • Most desirable transmission & distribution equipment for the modernization factories high building and commercial premises
  • Large transmission capacity and low line loss
  • Good heat dispersion with horizontal and vertical application fabricates by insulated copper and aluminum bars  
  • Busbar systems need less space than cable systems, especially for high ampere rates.

  • Busbar trunking systems have the advantage of expansions, changes, replacements and reusing capability in the future.
  • Busbar systems are consisted of fully certified standard elements and designed to eliminate possible human mistakes. Such as tap off boxes/plugs are tested and certified parts of a busbar system and complies all safety requirements. Securities of all tap-off boxes are standard and does not change depend on the installer
  • Location of Tap-off boxes can be easily and safely changed according to future needs. Also, number  of tap off boxes can be increased
  • Ranges of busbar trunking systems from 25A to 5000A